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BBLUNT Beauty, Hair and Makeup Academy, Andheri West, mumbai Best Makeup and Hair Academy in Andheri West, mumbai, maharashtra

BBLUNT Beauty, Hair and Makeup Academy BBlunt INR BBLUNT Beauty, Hair and Makeup Academy
130, Second Floor, Kohli Villa, SV Road Andheri West, mumbai 400058

130, Second Floor, Kohli Villa, SV Road, Above Punjab National Bank, Andheri West, mumbai, maharashtra - 400058

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6 Months Foundation Course 6 Months Foundation Course
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4.55 147
This course does not require any prior formal expe...
This course does not require any prior formal experience except for your hard work and a passion for the hair profession Fix 0
8 Weeks Foundation Makeup Course 8 Weeks Foundation Makeup Course
5fcc31b6-6a12-4beb-adc3-3929853e82fe 8 Weeks Foundation Makeup Course
4.55 147
At BBLUNT, we believe that one should never stop l...
At BBLUNT, we believe that one should never stop learning. In this course, we teach you new makeup techniques, trends & technology to be the very best that you can be and encompasses In - depth Makeu Fix 0
Men's Barbering Course Men's Barbering Course
407ab66c-99f1-4028-8591-9b3787e69ddc Men's Barbering Course
4.55 147
Highly recommended for hair professionals with qua...
Highly recommended for hair professionals with qualified experience of 1+ Year and perfect for those seeking a head-start in barbering Fix 0
BBLUNT Advanced Course BBLUNT Advanced Course
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4.55 147
To exploit the full impact of this high-end traini...
To exploit the full impact of this high-end training course, BBLUNT recommends at least five-year prior professional experience as a qualified hairdresser Fix 0
Balayage Masterclass Balayage Masterclass
16318816-f9ba-4975-be8e-73d06d2875c1 Balayage Masterclass
4.55 147
Instagram friendly Hair Colour techniques enabling...
Instagram friendly Hair Colour techniques enabling you to pick the perfect colour for your clients. Fix 0
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147 Reviews (4.55)
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About BBlunt Academy
The hairdressing industry in India is considered as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and BBLUNT is proud to be at the forefront. A strong belief in ideas, passion, hard work, tremendous commitment, and dedication to ensuring consistency in offering the latest trends has put Adhuna,Avan, Stacey and their team at the top of their profession. The BBLUNT team pride itself on sharing its knowledge as well as nurturing and absorbing exceptional talent. Leading hairstylists today are focused on contemporary styling, up to date global trends, a professional approach and creativity. At BBLUNT we believe that learning is the key to a rewarding and progressive career. If you have creative flair, passion for people, the desire to be a leader in the fashion industry and a career in hairdressing is what you want to pursue, then the BBLUNT academy will prepare you for a successful career. At BBLUNT we don’t just train, we educate you like we would if we were to hire you! You never know…we might just do that!
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No, the masterclass is exclusively tailored for experienced hairstylists who are keen on honing their skills in the art of Balayage hair colouring.

Yes, prior proficiency in fundamental hair colouring techniques is a prerequisite for participants seeking enrollment in the Balayage Masterclass.

Yes, this course is meticulously designed to elevate the expertise of hairstylists who have completed foundational Cosmetology training.

No, this course is tailored for individuals with prior experience in the hairdressing industry.

Yes, Participants who successfully complete the course will receive certification from BBLUNT Academy as a testament to their proficiency and dedication.

Typically, the Balayage Masterclass lasts for two full days.

Absolutely, the course incorporates hands-on practice sessions supervised by seasoned instructors.

BBLUNT Academy offers flexible payment options and scholarships for eligible candidates.

The Balayage Masterclass offers a comprehensive exploration of sophisticated balayage techniques, in-depth colour theory, effective consultation skills, and extensive hands-on practice sessions.

The BBLUNT Balayage Masterclass comprises the following components:

- Instruction on twilighting and money piece techniques

- Training in V-Techniques and T-Weasy lights babylights

- Guidance on effective consultation techniques

- Demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities

The BBLUNT Advanced Hairdressing Course immerses students in a comprehensive curriculum covering advanced haircutting techniques, innovative hairstyling methods, salon management strategies, and refined client communication skills.

The Men's Barbering Course is centered on traditional and contemporary men's haircuts, beard grooming techniques, and comprehensive knowledge of grooming products.

No, this course caters to both beginners and experienced hairstylists aiming to specialize in the art of men's grooming.

The Men's Barbering Course typically spans over three days, providing participants with extensive training and ample opportunities for practice sessions.

Yes, the course encompasses a wide array of techniques, including the buzzer technique, fading technique, scooping technique, razor cutting, and texturizing techniques.

This Foundation Course is divided into modules covering client care, hair colouring techniques, men's and women's haircuts, perming, short haircuts, consultations, blow-drying techniques, basic cutting, styling, salon hygiene, and client relations.

After completing the 6-Month Foundation Course, you can pursue various career paths, including:

- Working as a hairstylist in a salon

- Potentially owning your own salon

- Joining the BBLUNT team

- Becoming an integral part of the hair department in the film industry

- Designing looks for advertising and editorial features in magazines

Unleash your creativity and master the art of makeup with our 8-Week Foundation Course in Makeup. From perfecting product knowledge to mastering eyeshadow application, smokey eyes, and bridal makeup, delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering skin analysis, color theory, contouring, highlighting, and portfolio building. Elevate your skills and embark on a journey to become a sought-after makeup artist. 

No, whether you're a beginner or already have some basic knowledge of makeup application, our course is tailored to meet your needs. Perfect for aspiring makeup artists seeking to enhance their skills and pursue a career in makeup artistry, join us and take your passion to the next level.

Upon successful completion of the 8-Week Foundation Course in Makeup, participants will receive a certification from BBLUNT Academy, a recognized credential within the beauty industry. This certification validates your expertise and enhances your credibility as a professional makeup artist.

Yes, the course incorporates hands-on practice sessions where students collaborate with real clients under the tutelage of seasoned makeup artists. This invaluable practical experience is crucial for laying the foundation of a successful career in makeup artistry.